We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to become an official Siemens Business Partner. We are now able to supply a whole range of Siemens services and have a highly reliable and respected blue chip partner for metering and meter communications services.

Damian Isaacs, CFO said: “This brings Watt Tariff new revenue streams and allows us to offer smart metering and billing services entirely independently of any energy company. Our metering, installed by Siemens engineers is not only often half the cost of an energy company default rates, it means an end to estimated bills. It is also future proofed in that it allow access to smart energy rates as they are rolled out and is of course COVID-19 secure, because nobody needs to visit sites to obtain billing data.”

Man in a business suit and tie
Damian Isaacs CFO

Damian Isaacs CFO graduated from MIT with an MBA and has raised finance for and managed deals in the energy, property, biotech and fintech sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“We have a series of other exciting services we will be rolling out via Siemens over the next few months, we will share those as we progress through 2021.”