“Watt Tariff celebrate the launch of their broker service for industrial clients and beat established brokers to win new business”

We are pleased to announce that we are now an operational energy broker and have secured key energy companies broker accounts. In our first week of operations, we have sold 4 Gigawatts of gas and 3 Gigawatts of electricity. Despite being pitted against 6 traditional brokers, our smart business outbid them all and provided a 2 year fix in a rising market through our superior analysis. The deal also includes our new independent metering and billing services as an official Siemens Business Partner and the installation of our first EV charging points in 2021.

Damian Isaacs, CFO said: “This brings Watt from a pre revenue concept to a post revenue position. The market is at its most competitive in business history, so it says a great deal that we won almost £500,000 of energy sales in our first week. This deal includes our independent metering services, giving the benefit of our state of the art smart metering and billing services entirely independently of any energy company. We have thousands more clients from large portfolios under negotiation as we are able to offer a range of services that no other energy brokerage can. We have trials for Demand Response and EV charging in late state negotiations for this same client who stated that our honesty and transparent nature of our fees were key to gaining his business”.

Our metering, installed by Siemens engineers is not only often half the cost of an energy company default rates, it means an end to estimated bills. It is also future proofed in that it allow access to smart energy rates as they are rolled out and is of course COVID-19 secure, because nobody needs to visit sites to obtain billing data.”

Man in a business suit and tie
Damian Isaacs CFO

Damian Isaacs CFO graduated from MIT with an MBA and has raised finance for and managed deals in the energy, property, biotech and fintech sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“We have a series of other exciting services we will be rolling out via these sites over the next few months, we will share those as we progress through 2021.”