We are a group of highly experienced energy professionals who have come together to change the face of energy switching. A Velvet Revolution if you like, where we challenge the business models of the incumbent brokers.

By using cutting edge technologies, such as machine learning and AI, we aim to automate the laborious manual process of switching commercial energy, in the same way that uSwitch did for the domestic market. And because of the automation, our cost is so much lower than old fashioned bricks and mortar, we pass these savings on to our clients, which mean lower energy prices for them.

But far more than this, we are also developing our own energy as a service business, partnering with blue chip energy companies to realise the value within commercial and industrial grid connections to generate passive incomes for building owners.

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Professor Stefaan Simons – Director of Innovation (Part time), is the former Vice Provost and Dean at Brunel University and Emeritus Professor of Energy Systems Engineering. Prior to this, he was Vice Dean International for Engineering Sciences at UCL. He is the inaugural chair of the Institution of Chemical Engineers Energy Centre.

Peter McCann-Downes – CEO is an engineering and environmental geologist and technologist with many years of experience in the energy sector including in the development of primary generation assists including Staythorpe power station and over 1GW of renewable energy projects from site finding to procurement, build, financing and sale in the UK and the EU.