We all want to play our part, no matter how small or incremental in a genuinely sustainable future. By working with Watt Tariff, you are taking a step towards this goal. We can evaluate your site for self generation from solar panels with battery storage and have fully funded solutions at zero cost to your business through our agreement partners at Boustead Renewables who have funded over £110M in energy projects.

We can also supply and fit EV charging points, ultra low energy lighting and also evaluate and arrange Demand Response solutions that pay your company money for reducing consumption on demand from the National Grid at times of high grid stress and supply smart meters to help you control your energy expenditure with advanced reporting analytics.

We can also arrange for private wire solar energy with battery storage to provide you with vastly reduced energy that is 100% renewable. We have several exciting projects coming up in 2023 to show you what we can do for your company in these challenging times.

In democratising access to flexible grid services, by using the power of technology and scale from portfolios, we can effect enormous change. At first, by means of tiny increments which add up to something at first locally significant, then later, globally significant change.

Businesses must come to understand that it is those grid services that provide flexibility in demand and energy use that are the key to getting more renewable energy on the grid and saving money. COVID19 showed that the grid can operate with a baseline of renewable energy.

This reality is now a certainly should we choose this as our future. By choosing to work with Watt Tariff, you are supporting this gradual but radical change to our grid infrastructure and playing your part in a better future for everyone .

Peter McCann-Downes – Founder and CEO.

By using cutting edge technologies, such as machine learning and AI, we aim to automate the laborious manual process of identifying potential for grid revenues and calculating carbon values. And because of the automation, our cost will be so much lower than old fashioned bricks and mortar energy consultants, we pass these savings on to our clients, which mean lower energy prices and more competitive grid service contracts for them. We specialise in the management of large portfolios for clients with building assets under their care. We provide complex analysis of your entire holding and then we can negotiate a highly competitive energy services, energy purchase and carbon contracts that reflects the true value of your aggregated business to the energy markets.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you charge for the analysis to move our enterprise closer towards Net Zero? No! We provide a free service that costs you nothing. We simply take a percentage of the revenues generated from services as our reward, which means that you do not pay if we no not provide tangible results.

Can you arrange to fit fully financed solar panels and how do you fund it? Yes we can. All you have to do is agree to a minimum of a 10 year power purchase agreement at a rate which usually works out to a minimum of 40% less than grid sourced energy, (December 2022 prices used for this comparison).

We then arrange for you to be supplied with renewable energy generated on site and all you pay is the much reduced bill for this. We have an agreement with Boustead Renewables to fund suitable projects which can also incorporate battery energy storage to make the best use of the energy you are generating and EV charging points which can be set up to only use spare solar energy to charge your company vehicles, saving a fortune in running costs. In fact this is often the best use of solar on a site.

Do you have any projects we can look at? We have two example sites funded on behalf of clients in development right now we are excited to be sharing with you in 2023, one a multi site cutting edge factory project with integrated EV and battery storage and another project on a Grade II listed large 60 room social housing project for the Noble Tree Foundation. These projects are going live on the site in early 2023.

We also have a 10MW private wire project in early stage planning.