An OFGEM report has some shocking statistics. Over 1 million businesses have never switched supplier. £3 billion is wasted on expensive default tariffs every year. Don’t let this be your problem. We provide complex analysis of your entire holding and then we can negotiate a highly competitive energy contract that reflects the true value of your aggregated business across your portfolio to the energy suppliers.

FAQ: Brokers charge for this, why are you different? We are different because we do not charge you management fees. We simply take a percentage of the value provided to the energy company, who then pay us for the energy we bring to them. No middle men or women, no retainers, no spurious fees. Just a transparent charging structure that relies upon our value to you.

But that is only the beginning of our value we can bring to your assets. We conduct an analysis to see if there are other savings to be made. From simple but effective changes such as LED lighting to more complex Building Management System optimisation, voltage optimisation, battery asset and peak shifting to grid services and energy arbitrage, we give you access to a range of revenues you probably don’t even know exist.

FAQ: Do you charge for the analysis for revenues? No! We provide a free service that costs you nothing unless we can generate a revenue for you or a saving. We simply take a percentage of the revenues generated as our reward, which means that you do not pay if we no not provide tangible results.

We can also provide highly competitive independently accredited carbon offsetting for your business. And this is not greenwash. Our carbon offsets arise from the operation of low carbon energy assets all over the world, for the most part solar and wind generation, which have a metered volume of the carbon they save. In participating in our carbon market, you are helping to support existing and encouraging investment by supporting the financial models of new low carbon energy plant all over the world.